Top Super Villains we All Love

Maleficient - She proclaimed herself “Master Of Evil” after not being invited to the baptism of the baby of the sovereigns of the kingdom.

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Best Online Superhero Games

Every single superhero is cool in their own way. Their popularity is certainly not waning and, if truth be told, it’s more a case of them becoming more popular than ever before.

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How to Create Your Own Web Comic

Whether you’re a fan of extraordinary superheroes or want to tell the daily adventures of your favorite animal

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The world of web comics is as wide and varied as you may expect. This is a world where anything is possible in the realm of a comic where characters feel as if they come to life and you find it easy to be drawn into a complete fantasy life. Trust us when we say it is popular beyond your expectations.

But then, don’t just take our word for it. Instead, allow us to introduce you to a few samples of what we are talking about with all of this by giving you some form of web comic list.

Most Popular Web Comics

First, what are the most popular web comics? Is there a web comics list that we should check out? Of course, this is going to come down to personal taste and preference, but a few of these names may indeed leap out at you and grab your interest. Also, while some web comics remain popular every year, there are others that see a rise and fall in their popularity. In other words, just because we say that these are the most popular now does not have to mean it applies even next year. A top 10 would change as often as the music charts.

Also, they do cover different genres, so this is merely a list of suggestions rather than something that is completely tied down in numbers. It’s not in any kind of order either.


‘The Abominable Charles Christopher’ by Karl Kerschel is different to the norm, and with different animals playing the key roles, it’s hardly a superhero kind of comic, but definitely deserves an award. Then, there’s also ‘Awkward Zombie’ which does tend to have its tongue firmly implanted in its cheek. Additional titles to look out for with the most popular web comics includes: Barbarous, Battlepug, Cyanide and Happiness, or the Delilah Dirk Saga if you want something a bit more full-on and dark.

But then, we could sit here all day and discuss names of web comics that have won awards and the reasons why. What we recommend is sitting down with a list of potential web comics and to be willing to then explore them as and when you want to. You can also check out the ones that did not win an award. Trust us when we say it’s not going to take a super-human effort on your part, which is always good.

Superhero Web Comics List

Could there ever be a range of comics of any kind without a superhero being involved? That would just be insanity and they might need to give it away for free.

Thankfully, web comics do have their fair range of superhero versions, and we feel that there are a few names that you should be really looking out for in that list. We could just list those you already know, but that would be boring so a few alternatives will be better.

Names such as ‘Strong Female Protagonist’ or the ‘Non-Adventures of Wonderella’ by Justin Pierce may not lead you into traditional superhero territory, but they are still a highly enjoyable read. For something a bit different, there’s ‘The Young Protector’ who is actually a gay superhero. But then, what if you are slightly fed up with the superhero genre? Well, in that instance perhaps ‘Evil Inc’ by Brad Guigar is your best option with his pun-induced approach.

You will tend to find that these web comics can cover every genre that you care to imagine. Anything from romance to sci fi, and many more, you will find a web comic to match your wish list.

Superhero Inspired Entertainment

Even though the concept of the superhero started with comics, the popularity of them has spread into various industries. One industry that you may not have even thought about is with an online casino. There, you have a series of casinos that have various games with a superhero theme including slots games. Throw in some others that focus on the likes of DC comic slots or even Marvel comic slots, and what you see is that there is literally no market that a superhero cannot get into.

Also, even though these slots games have different brandings, don’t allow that to put you off anything. Instead, we recommend looking at getting a casino bonus to provide you with some extra cash in order to really learn the games and every aspect connected to them. This alone could make a difference to the amount of real money you may win, and surely that is going to prove to be a good thing?

Movies and TV Shows Adapted from Web Comics

Finally, if you were ever in any doubt as to the popularity of web comics, then perhaps looking at a list of movies and TV shows that have been adapted from these characters will help. After all, if they have made their way onto the big screen then something must be going right especially if they have won awards in the industry itself. Also, they do tend to pay attention to the web comic list awards to see what can be picked up.

People often forget that ‘The Walking Dead’ started off as a comic. This has since gone on to win awards and get huge ratings, but it’s only one of many. Other TV shows include Arrow, Painkiller Jane. For movies, how about Pain, Oldboy, Surrogates and even Oblivion. Of course, you can throw in a multitude of superhero webcomics as well for good measure.

The world of webcomics is one that is continuing to become even more popular than before. With a number of other TV shows and movies in the pipeline, it seems we will be seeing more of our favorite characters on the silver screen. But, if you want to explore things now, then browsing through our web comics list is advisable.