The Webcomic List Awards

The Winners are in!

It's a couple of days late, but here it is, The Webcomic List Awards ceremony is now live!

Click here to have a look at the presentation.

Thank you to all of the committee members, judges, writers and illustrators who have helped out this year and thank you to everyone who nominated and to everyone who has promoted the awards.

Why The Webcomic List Awards?

The Webcartoonists' Choice Awards (WCCAs) ran every year between 2001 and 2008, offering a chance for webcomic creators to nominate and vote for the best comics in a number of categories. They were popular and well noted. They even have a Wikipedia entry for them which has managed not to be deleted, which is quite an achievement for anything webcomic related.

In 2009, with the WCCAs running well behind schedule and with no sign that things were going to be going ahead after all members of The Webcomic List forums started discussing the idea of creating our own awards to fill the gap and that's just what we did.

The 2009 Webcomic List Awards opened for nominations on the first of November and despite some teething problems we managed what we set out to do.

Who's involved this year?

"So far the following people are signed on to judge this year:

Vicki Paull of Comic Mole Investigates and IndieReview.

Tom Truszkowski of Station V3, Z7, Silence in the Darkness of Q16 and Ebb's Children, as well as the Podwarp 1999 podcast.

Rob Tracy of Remedial Comics and admin/founder of Webcomics Community.

oppernaR of and admin at The Webcomic List.

El Santo of Webcomic Overlook.

Kurt Hathaway, whose been working in the comics industry since the 1980s as a writer, a letterer, an editor and an inker at companies including DC, Marvel and Image.

John Allison of Scary-Go-Round and Bad Machinery.

Dr. Stuart Ashen of Phillipa Rice of My Cardboard Life. David Bishop, screenwriter, editor of Judge Dredd and 2000AD and writer of an impressive number of novels and audio books.

Rose Loughran of Red Moon Rising.

Melissa DeJesus, Illustrator of the syndicated strip My Cage and the TokyoPop title, Sokora Refugees.

Ed Power, the writer of My Cage.

Dr. BlkKnight of Crossing Death and admin at Webcomics Community.

Wendy Wood of Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit and forum admin at The Webcomic List.

Alice L (aka Chilari), The Webcomic List moderator.

Luke Surl of and the podcast

Also involved in a non-judging capacity are:

Charlie Thatcher of Quick Thought and Holy Mole

Zoe Robinson of All Over The House, The Life of Nob T. Mouse and the podcast.

Jessica Ottowell, who put together this site and is in charge of making sure things work.

J G Fisher (aka jaygee), another member of The Webcomic List moderator team and author of Smyzer and Blyde.

More information will be coming soon.

Click here to see the awards for last year.

Wendy Wood

(Committee Head)

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