Rose Loughran

Rose Loughran is 22, Scottish, and currently studying at the University of Abertay, Dundee. She collects plastic swords and, conveniently enough, aspires to run a webcomic.

Rob Tracy

Rob Tracy is the writer for the webcomic “Remedy” as well as the (terrible) artist and writer for “Badly Written, Badly Drawn” and the modeler, animator, artist and co-writer for the soon to be launched “Symbolic Warfare.” All comics are available at Remedial Comics dot com. Rob is a Gulf War veteran with two degrees in pre-law and criminal justice.…

Phillipa Rice

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Melissa DeJesus

Melissa DeJesus has been drawing her entire life. By high school she was filling up a sketch pad a month and had found herself a new artistic style to work in: manga, the art of Japanese comics!
Melissa attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she became a founding member of the all-girl illustration and…

Larry Cruz El Santo

El Santo is the writer of over 170 reviews at the webcomic review blog, The Webcomic Overlook. He’s also been involved in a few webcomic-related collaboration efforts, such as ComixTalk’s end-of-the-year roundtable. El Santo has never written a webcomic, being more of a critical-piece writer and a webcomic creator, but he has written cartoons in the past for his college…

Kurt Hathaway “Comics Commando” — a nickname given to him by a DC Comics editor for his timely delivery of deadline work.

Owner/operator of Cartoon Balloons Studio — a graphics studio serving
many comics creators.

Kurt Hathaway studied art& design at the prestigious Rhode Island
School of Design (RISD) and studied film and screenwriting at New York
University’s world-famous film department.


He’s been a comics freelancer for 25 years. His client list reads like a
who’s who…

Ed Power

Prior to King Features Syndicate picking up his comic strip My Cage (as part of a charity/prison release program), absolutely nothing interesting ever had happened to Ed. Ever.
His prior writing credits include grocery lists, a few dozen fan letters to one Miss Jessica Simpson, some bad checks to his local grocery store, and (most recently) a reply to…

Dr. BlkKnight Dr. BlkKnight

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Dr Stuart Ashen Ashens

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Zoë Robinson

Vicki Paull

Vicki has been reviewing small press and indie comics for several years and has finally found a home for all of her new reviews in one place on her blog: Comic Mole Investigates.
In the daytime she works on her next-gen 3D games environment modelling portfolio, but by night she draws comics and other illustrations in a sort of…

Wendy Wood wendybunny

Wendy is a bunny obsessed admin from’s forums and has brave and/or stupid enough to take on the job of organising a bunch of comic artists and writers into an awards committee She lives in an average house in an average street in the North of England with her girlfriend, but is in the process of moving into a…

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Luke Surl

Raised on a diet of Peanuts and The Beano as a child it was sadly inevitable that Luke Surl would become a cartoonist of sorts. He currently lives in Oxford, UK and his one-and-a-half year old website, updates three times a week with cartoons on everything from superheroes to Shakepeare. One day Luke plans to choose an actual name…

Tom Truszkowski

Tom Truszkowski is the creator of Station V3, and its spinoffs Z7, Ebb’s Children, and Silence in the Darkness on Q16. He is also one of the people behind PodWarp 1999, the SciFi Webcomic podcast.
Tom is married, lives in Scranton PA, and works as a computer programmer. Occasionally he also finds time for sleep.

Jessica Ottowell kittyjess, nekoMusumeJess

Jessica is a former comic writer and artist of a comic most people have never heard of, unsurprisingly, since it was published in a magazine that had a circulation of about 10 people, who, most likely read it then tossed it away and to be fair, she doesn’t blame them.

More noted for her artistic (and press) photography, she runs…

J G Fisher J.G.

If J.G. doesn’t do what he has to do he does what he likes to do.
This includes an attempt to produce an online piece of graphic story-telling as well as reading (pretty much everything – as long as it has bite), casual writing (who doesn’t?), running, coaching, cooking and making a home.
According to his wife, he…

Charlie Thatcher

Charlie Thatcher is a cartoonist, animator, and writer from the Texas-y area of the world. He has been drawing cartoons for a while, under a variety of aliases. He is a heavily outspoken and attractive critic, and even donates his time to teach art to underprivileged school children out of the goodness of his heart and also for money.

Alice L Chilari

Nothing Currently Known